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The sixth Cuban Memorial will be held February 15-17 at Tamiami Park, Miami. During three days, this symbolic cemetery will give testament to the world of the thousands of victims of the Castro dictatorship. Each documented victim will have a cross with his/her name together with date and location of death. Over 10,000 crosses will be planted together with a larger cross symbolizing the many more victims who remain unaccounted for.
Friday, February 15, 2008, 12:00 PM (noon): Press Conference and Inauguration
Relatives of victims will share brief personal stories at the press conference. Translation to English will be available as needed. A brief inaugural ceremony will follow.
Saturday, February 16, 2008, 7.00 PM: Ecumenical Service
This is the most significant community event of the Memorial. An ecumenical service will precede the blessing of the field of crosses and the area where a permanent monument is to be built. Participants will light candles in memory of the victims.
Sunday, February 17, 2008 5.00PM: Closing Ceremony
Contact: Memorial Cubano: Tel. 786. 621.7505 or Emilio Solernou, Tel. 786.346.5141, /

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  1. I e-mailed Memorial Cubano last year, and never heard back from them, to indicate that on their list of Castro victims
    they have the name of a notorious Castro agent, Ramon Donestevez, whose unsolved killing occurred in Miami on April 13, 1976. I sent them this link with background information on Ramon Donestevez
    The website contains court documents showing that Dovestevez was convicted for robbery and extorsion in Miami. This despicable charater even circulated a photo of himself sitting on a toilet in the Dade County stockade after he was sentenced.
    I also informed Memorial Cubano that there is another controversial person on their list, Aldo Vera, gunned down in Puerto Rico on October 25, 1976. I investigated the case and wrote an article about it, concluding that Cuba had nothing to do with this murder.
    Memorial Cubano spokespeople stated this week on a radio program that they are constantly revising their list of Castro’s victims. The group plans on building a permanent memorial. I believe that these two names should be omitted from their list and their memorial if no evidence to the contrary about them is presented.

  2. why not make the memorial broader and include victims of Batista’s dictatorship, Trujillo’s dictatorship, Duvalier, Pinochet, all latin american dictators?

  3. There are already many memorials to those killed under Batista’s regime in Cuba; in Haiti to the victims of Duvalier’s dictatorship; in Chile to those who perished under Pinochet’s 17-year rule; and in the Dominican Republic to the victims of Trujillo. Here are photos of the monument in Santo Domingo to the “glorious heroes” who assassinated Trujillo.
    Memorial Cubano is the only memorial to Castro’s victims.
    In Havana there is a monument to terrorist bomber Sergio “El Curita” Gonzalez, and the hotel room occupied by Argentine race driver Juan Manuel Fangio when kidnapped my Castro rebels, is a historical national shrine.
    Sympathizers of the Cuban Revolution should take their cynicism elsewhere.

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