The Barack Phenomenon

As it becomes clear that the Democratic nomination is now Obama’s to lose (or have stolen from him by the Clinton machine), it’s important that we all get to know Barack Obama a little better. A few suggestions:
James Pethokoukis who blogs for U.S. News and World Report has 3 interesting posts on Obama. I suggest you read them all.
Is Obama Really the Liberal Reagan?
Barack Hussein Reagan? Ronald Wilson Obama?
Obama’s Trillion-Dollar Spending Plan

1 thought on “The Barack Phenomenon”

  1. Henry, did you check out the comments? Here’s one from an Obama supporter:
    We know why we love Barack. Taxes will go up for some people, down for others… but Obamacrats believe the new system will be more fair and more importantly… people don’t mind paying taxes that go towards building a greater America.
    Now is that scary?

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