The Cuban regime remains in power due to a sophisticated propaganda machine still tolerated by many of its people. For those who have lived under a totalitarian regime or can imagine its method of functioning, this situation is unacceptable. Czechs remember too well the reality of life under Communism, and also the value of support from abroad. PIN began working with the democratic movement in Cuba in 1997 by supporting those peacefully fighting the regime. PIN is dedicated to assisting the internal opposition, whilst pushing the outside world to stand united against Castro’s regime.
From a website for People in Need, a Czech organization which is orchestrating “Hotel Cuba,” a campaign asking Czech visitors to the island to bring along Spanish language newspapers, magazines, audios and the like and help combat the information blockade. The campaign will end in March with “Cell,” a symbolic jailing in Prague.
Of all of the countries of the world, it is the former Eastern bloc countries who seem to “get it” about Cuba. The Czechs and the Poles in particular have proven themselves friends, perhaps because they know what it is to live under the jackboot. Here’s are links to the article and to the Cuba portion of the website. Don’t miss the SOS Cuba shirts while you’re there.