2 thoughts on “President’s Day, 2008”

  1. I read the David McCullough book. Fantastic!
    He was such a brilliant man who put the country ahead of politics which cost him the election to Jefferson but kept the country out of a war (against France) that would have likely crippled our young Democracy. He was the father of the modern US Navy.
    I have the letters between him and Jefferson which are fascinating in themselves. I will have to record it on my DVR …

  2. Truth be told I hated the McCullough book, it took all the vinegar out of the cantankerous Adams. Typical McCullough – a pop historian of the lowest order – lopping superlatives upon superlatives on his subject to the point of making biography into hagiography. His “1776” was embarrassingly awful compared to the brilliant “Washington’s Crossing” written by David Hackett Fischer – BTW check out the Fischer’s equally amazing “Paul Revere’s Ride.” That being said I’m going to subscribe to HBO just to see the mini-series – not too many American Revolution films or series in the works so I gotta get what I can.

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