Great Editorial

Our friends at Investors Business Daily always have spot-on commentary about Cuba and Latin America. Today is no exception. In addition to the fact they have published a very insightful column today, the quoted my piece in Pajamas Media. Did I mention how much I love IBD?

Raul may permit some economic freedom, but he remains a doctrinaire Marxist and will do so only if it serves the state. Real reform, however, is not about tactics. It’s about giving rights to people. Castro’s exit and Cuba’s transition to a family dynasty with a large fortune should not be mistaken for real democracy.

Also, IBD has this great cartoon by the best political cartoonist I have seen, Michael Ramirez.

5 thoughts on “Great Editorial”

  1. Who does raulita really, really, really trusts to watch his back?
    These past 49 years, raulita has been Minister of the Armed Forces, the second secretary of the Cuban Communist Party and the first vice president of the Council of State. Why? Because he’s the only one fifo really, really, really trusted. If raulita is elected “President” of the Council of State, who will fill the posts he leaves vacant? Who does he really trust enough to watch his back? Will he relinquish his power as Minister of the Armed Forces to become “President” of the Council of State?

  2. Excellent piece at pajamas media, Henry; much better written, in content and style, than most “professional” analysis. Yeah, we know, you can’t afford the career-switch pay cut. 🙂 Congrats.

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