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  1. He he he, I love it.
    This morning the fools showed up at Versalles expecting to film a bunch of crazed Cubans, running around screaming their heads of.
    They had to settle for talking to a guy drinking Pilon.
    These Media people really don’t have a clue, do they?

  2. Castro has either just died or they are getting ready to publicly display the body. The timing here is too much.

  3. Alive or dead the truth of the matter is that he beat us again. How many times when we were younger we were certain that with Fidel gone the center would not hold and everything would fall apart. He has now passed the mantle to his brother and let’s be honest. If an media averse, aging drunk can keep hold of Cuba then anyone in his circle can.

  4. Cardinal,
    He beat no one. Freedom will never die. It may have left for awhile, but it IS coming back. fidel was the revolution. Now we will see it crack.

  5. Peter:
    I agree with you “these media people don’t have a clue.” Nothing has changed… Period!
    Below are my comments of 11/21/07 to a Babalu post on these so called elections:
    The Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular, which is the “legislative power” of the Cuban government, and the “SUPREME POWER” of the State, supposedly exists to represent the will of the Cuban people. Its representatives are the ONLY ones that are elected through a direct vote. The Assembly consists of 609 delegates (or representatives) from the 109 municipalities, and they are elected for a term of five years. The last election took place in 2003. The next election is DUE in 2008. (as you can see nothing different has taken place that is new to us).
    IN TURN…
    The delegates of the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular elect the Assembly’s president, (Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada) vice-president (Jaime Alberto Crombet Hernández) and secretary Ernesto Suárez Mendez). AND ALSO…
    The delegates of the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular ELECT all the members of the Council of State: The President, First Vice-President, Five other Vice-Presidents, and a Secretary. The president of the Council is ALSO the Head of State.
    For the Past 48 years fidel castro ruz has been ELECTED President of the Council and Head of State by the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular. That infamous privilege fifo TRANSFERED to raulita back on July 2006. The OPERATIVE WORD is transferred. raulita has not been elected to that exalted position by the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular. Are you with me so far? The funny thing is that according to the 1976 Cuban Constitution, the President of the Council (in this case fifo or raulita. Take your pick) has to answer to the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular. What a joke!
    Cuba has a ONE party system of government; therefore, all the members of the Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular belong to the Communist Party. Every five years when the election process takes place, ONLY those candidates APPROVED by fifo get to have their names on the ballots. Then, afterwards when the assembly meets to elect the Council of State they elect fifo and company. It’s really very simple… It really doesn’t matter WHO wins the Assembly seats. This charade has been taking place in Cuba since 1976 and that’s why the MSM and the world refer to fifo as president. This election taking place in Cuba has NOTHING to do with any CAMBIO taking place. This is nothing but a JOKE and the MSM is very much aware of it. Gutless son of bitches the whole lot of them!

  6. pototo – I like your take. I’m just miserable seeing all this crap going on and knowing that from one day to the next nothing has changed and doesn’t look like it will change soon. You are right though…ultimately history will condemn him and freedom will reign, it’s just taking longer than we wanted. Fidel has one this battle but the war is ours.

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