One would imagine that news of the official retirement of the beast who ruled an island nation ruthlessly for almost half a century would be announced with a little more ceremony. Instead, Granma slipped the announcement into their online edition in the wee hours of this morning as if it were filler. Ziva, who has the advantage of being on Pacific Time, caught it immediately, however.
Now will begin the new barrage of castro puff pieces—the wonderful, benevolent, tenacious freedom fighting bearded devil.
Prepare yourselves, my friends; it is going to be a love fest of epic proportions, which will be topped only by the orgy that will take place when the dictator finally kicks the bucket.

6 thoughts on “Prepárense”

  1. Jeffrey Kofman just called us “so-called cuban exiles” on GMA. Nice. Considering your reporting this morning, you’re a “so-called” journalist. Fuck you, buddy.
    And of course, right on cue, they trot out Wayne Smith, that paragon of truth. Talk about having an intimate relation with fidel’s rectum…

  2. “But his detractors called him a dictator whose totalitarian government systematically denied individual freedoms and civil liberties such as speech, movement and assembly.”
    Leave it to Anita Snow to call castro’s opposition “detractors.” BITCH!

  3. “…Castro resisted attempts by 10 U.S. administrations to topple him…”
    Really? Other than Kennedy’s on and off involvement with the Bay of Pigs, when did a US administration ever try to “topple” him?

  4. Scott, these dolts who have no inkling of historical facts subscribe to the notion that the US embargo was put in place to specifically topple the dictator. Since every president since JFK has kept it in force, they think each president has the same plan.
    Not one of them–from journalists to so-called historians–ever bother to read a little history to find out that the embargo was put in place in retaliation for the billions of dollars worth of US property the regime stole. But such facts do not play into their agenda, so if they are actually aware of them, they conveniently leave them out.

  5. Gotta love this line from Anita Snow: “The collapse of the Soviet Union sent Cuba into economic crisis, but the economy recovered in the late 1990s with a tourism boom.” Oh really? So all is well in the socialist paradise now, is that it? And you mean that Cuba’s economy was able to “recover” despite the evil US embargo? See the kind of trouble you get into when you lie, Anita?

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