The silver lining

We all know that the news of castro’s “retirement” is not really news and in the end will do little to affect the lives of the Cubans on the island; the repressive machinery is still firmly in control and has shown no intention of loosening its grip. But there is some good news associated with this announcement that some of us may have overlooked. Now that fifo is no longer an “official head of state,” he is now free to stand trial in an international tribunal for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Washington D.C. lawyer and Cuban-American, Jason Poblete, has an excellent post on this wonderful news:

Fidel Castro’s stepping down, however, does present a unique opportunity for the U.S. or for the scores of victims of Cuban Communism residing outside of Cuba who await justice for crimes committed against them through political incarceration or other means. Since Fidel Castro is no longer a head of state, some argue, the time has come for him to face his accusers for decades of injustice. Probably so, if he can survive until such a thing were to happen.

You can read more about it HERE.
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4 thoughts on “The silver lining”

  1. So how does alarcon explain his statement as well as the other puppets that fidel will resume power and is getting stronger every day. Its cracking fast!

  2. Don’t ask me why, but I think he is dead. This announcement keepshis “writing” alive as to influence the people. I wonder who the shadow writer is?
    Its the beginning of the end.

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