5 more political prisoners you should know

Here are 10 heroes of Cuban freedom you must know, and never forget, especially as the dictatorship prepares to complete its “transition,” and the talk heats up about need for change in U.S. policy towards the island:
1. Nelson Molinet Espino.
Molinet, a dissident labor leader, was arrested during the “black spring” of March-April 2003, and sentenced to 20 years in prison. His wife this week warned that her husband is suffering from a variety of ailments, including hepatitis, circulation problems and loss of vision.
2. Omar Moisés Ruiz Hernández
Ruiz’s wife warned that her husband is suffering from ill health. Ruiz, an independent journalist, also was arrested during the “black spring” and sentenced to 18 years in prison.
3. Librado Ricardo Linares García
Look into his eyes, as depicted in a photo posted here, and it worsens the pain of knowing that his poor health while in prison is robbing him of his eyesight.
4. Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta
To fortify his many hunger strikes, Herrera, an independent journalist jailed during the “black spring,” has resorted to sewing his mouth shut. That is speaking truth to a corrupt power.
5. Raimundo Perdigón Brito
The castro dictatorship can be brutally efficient regime. For example, a week after Perdigón and his sister founded a new press agency, he was arrested, convicted of being a “pre-criminal social danger,” and sentenced to 4 years prison.
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