Cuban Response: Nothing New Under the Stun

Word of Cuban response to the announcement of castro’s resignation is starting to filter in from the island via independent journalists and communiqués from various organizations posted on Misceláneas de Cuba.
In his free flowing dispatch, allusively titled “Nothing New Under the Sun,” independent journalist, Oswaldo Yáñez who lately prefaces his reports by dating them “in the year of the imminent freedom of all Cubans” remarks that the hullabaloo surrounding the announcement in the world media was in marked contrast to the silence of Cubans themselves. He points out that the evictions in Holguin did not cease, the preparations for the kangaroo court to try a dissident continued, the CDR’s maintained their close vigilance, and the prisoners continued languishing in castroite jails. In essence nothing changed.
The same lack of reaction is highlighted by Kallan Poe from La Agencia de Prensa Avileña in a report about response in Morón. Despite mixed reactions to the news, other than a noon time dash to the radio to hear once again the news, the only other response was in the bars at night, where the consensus was “Esto tiene que cambiar” or “This has to change.”
The desire for change is a common thread running through the communications. In an editorial, La Agencia de Prensa Avileña sees it as a moment for pondering, although it calls for a true republic like that envisioned by Marti. Dr. Darsi Ferrer condemns the succession and once more eloquently describes the conditions of ordinary Cubans. Again he calls for anti-regime elements to speak with one voice. He reiterates the need for a united opposition here. Hector Palacios’ rhetoric is a bit more conciliatory, but he demands that those in power should work immediately to reform the law to include free speech, free association, and free elections, as well as liberate political prisoners
In sum, most viewed the abdication as a species of farce. Its lack of significance was a common thread running through the communications, as was a cacophony of cries for freedom and surprisingly the open call for democracy.
Note: All linked entries other than Palacios’ are in Spanish. No, that’s not a mistake. I meant stun.

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  1. Change, in and of itself, is neither good nor bad, just like money. It all depends on what’s done with it, how and why. Anybody who thinks ANY change is somehow desirable is basically a fool. But don’t tell Obama that.

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