Steaming angry

I’m young. I haven’t had the same exposure to liberal journalists as many of you have. I very rarely get angry when I speak about Cuba with liberals or when I read inaccurate statements online. I’m skeptical enough to find most of these statements laughable.
But now, I’m thoroughly pissed off.
The Washington Post / Newsweek (surprise, surprise) has an online op-ed by Anwer Sher about how the US should not seek to make Cuba its 51st state. Not only is this suggestion ridiculous, but Mr. Sher goes further (emphasis mine):

“Irrespective of the history, it’s wishful thinking that a post-Fidel Cuba could be swallowed up formally by the U.S. While many Cuban-Americans may hope for that, and hope the two countries will normalize relations, we must admit that Cubans are a proud and independent people.”

I’m practically speechless. Actually, I take that back. I have plenty of words that sound like comemierda, hijo de puta… but my family reads this so I’ll stop. I just don’t understand the audacity of some people who don’t think about the repercussions their statements have.
One commenter already bought in to Mr. Sher’s talk. I did my best to unclog my words and enlighten with a follow-up comment. Feel free to chime in.

7 thoughts on “Steaming angry”

  1. Monica,
    The problem is that we DO NOT have anything comparable to the Anti-Defamation League, to B’nai Birth, to the NAACP, to the Gay National Task Force, to the National Organization of Women, to MALDEF, to LULAC, etc.. to defend us.
    “DE ARBOR CAIDO TODO EL MUNDO TOMA LEÑA.” In other words, “from fallen trees everyone takes lumber”, meaning that if you are down and out, everybody will take advantage of you, and since we are down and out in the sense that we have no civil rights institutions to defend us, they take advantage.

  2. Unfortunately, Monica, advancing in years does not make it any easier to stomach these things. In fact, it makes it harder.
    But stick to your guns because you are on the side of justice and on the side of freedom. And whatever the outcome may be, it is always better to face it on the right side.

  3. “While many Cuban-Americans may hope for that” (51st state). Huh? Is this guy brain dead. In one sentence he says Cubans are a “proud and independent people” – which is correct – and in another phrase he’s suggesting that Cuban-Americans would want their beloved country to become a 51st state? I am so thoroughly confused.
    This boob knows absolutely nothing about Cuban history. “Laughable” doesn’t even begin to cover it.
    What a boner.

  4. Good Lord, Monica cursing like a balsera who just got a traffic ticket in Flagami. To think that all of this started just seventeen months ago when she didn’t know how to respond to her co-workers at J. P. Morgan when questioned about Cuba. Now you know how your predecessor Cuban exiles felt in the 1970s, before you were born, with such idiocy in print.

  5. Anwer Sher. So what is he, Egyptian? Oh, yeah, he’s qualified to speak, I mean pontificate, on the Cuba situation. Like I’m qualified to address local politics in Tunisia. But of course, this is NOT an issue, let alone a problem for the WaPo or Newsweek. All they want is somebody who’ll say what they like to hear, and what they want to disseminate. Business as usual.

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