The Teflon Tyrant Retires, From Frontpage Magazine

the Babalu Family is well aware of much of the following, most of the world is not.:

“Upon entering Havana on January 7, 1959, Cuba’s new leader Fidel Castro broadcast that promise into a phalanx of microphones. “Cuban mothers let me assure you that I will solve all Cuba’s problems without spilling a drop of blood.” As the jubilant crowd erupted with joy, Castro continued. “Cuban mothers let me assure you that because of me you will never have to cry.”
The following day, just below San Juan Hill in eastern Cuba, a bulldozer rumbled to a start, clanked into position, and started pushing dirt into a huge pit with blood pooling at the bottom from the still -twitching bodies of more than a hundred men and boys who’d been machine-gunned without trial on the Castro brothers’ orders. Their wives and mothers wept hysterically from a nearby road.
On that very day, the U.K. Observer ran the following headline: “Mr Castro’s bearded, youthful figure has become a symbol of Latin America’s rejection of brutality and lying. Every sign is that he will reject personal rule and violence.”

6 thoughts on “The Teflon Tyrant Retires, From Frontpage Magazine”

  1. Excellent.
    But fidel kept his word. He didn’t spill a drop of blood, he spilled thousands of GALLONS.

  2. yeah yeah yeah – but not a lot of credibility goes along with those who think that 50 year old material is enlightening today – what do people do who have lived for hate so long when the reason is gone?

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