Cuban American Depicts Pain of Separation in Art

“When I was a young girl I hated him, because I felt as if he was responsible for all of this,” said Elena Garcia Wagner of fidel castro. Elena is a Cuban American artist whose work is now on display in Norfolk, VA. Her artwork depicts families embracing and weeping because of the separation and pain caused by the castro regime. Garcia Wagner, a Peter Pan, lived in a foster home for four years after her parents sent her to the United States at age seven, telling her she was going on vacation. Her work is inspirational and she is remarkable. If you live in the Norfolk, VA area, you can see her exhibit through next month at ArtGallery on 21st Street. If you don’t, you can see the pictures and the video here.
Thank you to her sister, Ana Elena, for sharing the story.

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  1. She’s extremely talented. I was looking at the video of the interview that accompanied the article and admiring her artwork. She is also very articulate. Cubans have excelled as artists. There are many extraordinarily talented Cuban artists out there. I have a small collection of artwork by Cuban artists that I am very proud to hang on my walls. That much said, I’m happy to see yet another fine Cuban artist, especially since her artwork addresses the horrid situation in Cuba. Art is a way to combat politics and in our case, the tyranny.

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