For Cuba: “Same As it Ever Was”

Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking intelligence official ever to have defected from the former Eastern Bloc, regards Castro’s political police as “one of Communism’s most criminal institutions.” Coming from a man who learned the ropes of his profession from Stalin’s henchmen and who served as Nikolai Ceaucescu’s chief spy, this is saying something. “I saw nothing in him (Raul) suggesting he might ever want to democratize Cuba, “continues Pacepa.
Nowadays Raul and his crony generals are all in their mid-seventies and beyond. These men lived into their young adulthood under a robustly capitalist Cuba, where Cuban laborers earned the 8th highest wages on earth, where Cuba had a higher per-captia income than Austria and Japan, a larger middle class then Switzerland, and where Cuba was swamped with European immigrants.
Under these circumstances, Cuba’s current robber barons (and their families, in general) had achieved nothing. Honesty, hard work, property rights and the rule of law repel them. To think they’d voluntarily revert to a system that rewards such traits and institutions is ludicrous. I repeat: under it they failed miserably.
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