Alan Colmes’ Ignorance on Cuba

Many thanks for the support, amigas and amigos.
I’m very grateful. Allow me to explain what happened on Hannity & Colmes. Originally, I was to be an in-studio guest of the show –as I was a few months ago. The horrendous weather made my impromptu trip to New York impossible. So I had to resort to a satellite broadcast from a ramshackle studio in New Orleans. I could not see either Col. North or Colmes during the “interview”, even on a studio monitor, as is normally the case during satellite interviews. I could not see their facial expressions for cues as to when and HOW to respond. In fact, at times it was hard even hearing them.
When Colmes finds me sitting two feet away from him, he’s not quite as snide and frisky, believe me. Here’s the evidence from my last H&C “interview.”
Cuban matters will be discussed much more intelligently and at length this Monday on the nationally syndicated Dennis Prager Radio show. The show has granted me an hour to tell our side of the story this Monday starting at 10 AM Pacific.
Many thanks
Humberto Fontova

4 thoughts on “Alan Colmes’ Ignorance on Cuba”

  1. I thought you were fantastic. Had to love Colmes’s diversionary tactics: asking you if you were saying that Castro is worse than Hitler (as if it matters which dictator is “worse”) and referring to your “overheated rhetoric” (yeah, those Cubans are all a bunch of loudmouths), playing to the not-so-subtle racism of the Left toward Cuban-Americans. I guess if you can’t argue with the truth, you attack the truth teller.

  2. Humberto:
    You kicked butt! You’d have kicked it even longer had Skeletor not wrapped it up after getting his butt whooping!

  3. You did great. In fact you must have pinched a nerve because at the end Colmes had to say that “he was not a castro lover and for people to please stop sending him emails saying he’s a communist.”

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