3 thoughts on “fifo’s press pals”

  1. Thanks for that, Ventanita. That and the Doyle story and the National Review editorial helped remind me that there are good people out there who care about the truth.

  2. And people ask me why I don’t watch the news. Even last night when watching Humberto Fontova try to get the truth out I almost had a stroke as Alan Colmes not only cut Humberto off when speaking (and really laying out the facts, too) but then made his usual stupid, liberal rebuttal based on NOTHING and then ended the segment without Humberto given the chance to refute it. COWARD!!
    Alan Colmes is the devil, a title he shares with all those mentioned in the article here.

  3. Bozell is so on the money! Every time I see the media, or even people in government who refer to him as President, my skin crawls. Then the media follows the “elections” as if they are for real. It is so damn disgusting I just don’t know how much more I can take. They think we’re happy because he “resigned”, as if anything has truly changed. When possible, he will still rule behind the scenes, and his fag brother is no better than he is and Cuba is still a totalitarian dictatorship. Geez, what a bunch of ‘useful idiots’ – it’s maddening.

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