8 thoughts on “Raul’s mockery of the Catholic Church”

  1. DANG! Raulita is as big a liar as Fidel and that’s not easy! Raulita masturbating to the thought of a girl??? Why do I find that so hard to er, uh, believe?

  2. The Catholic church has been selling its soul in Cuba for power for many years in Cuba. Its has many more religious freedoms in comparison to other denominations in Cuba.It is no surprise that they continue to do so.

  3. To be fair, the Catholic Church is not the only entity to play nice with tyrants and despots in Latin America and elsewhere. It’s a survival issue. And it should never be a reflection on many ordinary Catholics who suffer and are not in agreement with what the hierarchy may be doing and pay a price as a result. Modern history is filled with examples of Catholics and others who didn’t bow to totalitarianism.
    And to be further fair, there are lots of non-Catholic churches and groups kissing up to tyrants and despots. We only need to revisit the Elian debacle. Or look at the many men (and I guess women) of the cloth who cuddle up with fidel and hugo and adolf and their ilk.

  4. Gigi,
    But the problem is that the Church is not like other entities. And while other entities may play nice with tyrants, the Church is supposed to represent Christ on Earth [the Pope is “God’s vicar on earth”] and it is supposed to represent the moral high ground ALL OF THE TIME. The church’s history vis-a-vis Cuba is reprehensible. During the Cuban War of Independence, they sided with Spain even as General Weiler was killing thousands of Cubans in Concentration Camps and in the 1960’s Monsenor Sacchi the Vatican nuncio to Cuba used to show solidarity with Castro by cutting sugar cane. And now we have Cardinal Jaime “useless” Ortega.
    The church as no excuse.

  5. Gigi,
    As a former Catholic I know that you cannot separate the actions of the Catholic hierarchy from Catholicism. The new thread posted above exposes that fact that the Catholic church embraces the communist leadership. If that is the leadership of your denomination then they represent you. Although you may disagree with their actions as long as you call yourself a Catholic.

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