6 thoughts on “Visit Cuba today…”

  1. What a dumb article. “…There’s a charm now as it’s not crowded with Americans. These are the golden years.” Translation: if there are no Americans, it’s paradise.
    It’s a “golden” gulag, all right. Just look at who has the gold. These Euro-limp-noodled brains annoy the hell out of me.

  2. Had lunch at El Intransigente today. They have a big poster up depicting a Cuban family behind bars watching tourists enjoying the beach. It reads, “Your paradise. Their hell. Don’t visit Cuba.”

  3. I have an acquaintance who has repeatedly expressed similar sentiments, about how he wants to go to Cuba before everything changes. He is otherwise a nice guy so I give him a pass but I also can’t help thinking he is an idiot.
    And that there are many, many others like him.

  4. It’s rubber-necking tourism. Come see the socialist “paradise” before freedom and free markets turn it into a decent place to live; you know, like what you enjoy back home.

  5. So these are the same Brits and Europeans who vote their opposition in the UN to the US embargo of Cuba, but are concerned if we would get rid of the embargo and freely travel to and trade with Cuba.

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