Coverage of Cuba changing?

Don’t hold your breath but Anthony Boadle writing for Reuters says the following (emphasis mine):

Cuba to name new leader to succeed Fidel Castro
By Anthony Boadle
HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba’s rubber-stamp National Assembly will name Fidel Castro’s successor on Sunday, ending the 49-year rule of the bearded revolutionary who turned Cuba into a communist state on America’s doorstep.

Rubber stamp? Are these media outlets starting to pivot on Cuba and the castro regime? We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Coverage of Cuba changing?”

  1. Rats have an uncanny way of knowing when a ship is about to sink.

    So true. Another reason may be that the press was mesmerized by Fidel’s charisma. Brother Raul has as much charisma as a run of the mill accountant, albeit an accountant with hands steeped in blood.

  2. Could be the press is sensing the beginning of the end of Cuba’s long nightmare and they want to get their moral house in order by the time it happens.

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