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  1. The scam of the century and the msm helped greatly. Now fidel the humble retiree who really wanted to step down and allow the younger people to rule will continue his reigh of terror from his hospital bed and pull raul’s….. er string.

  2. About the only good thing in all this is that that old peder is only a few years younger than his big bro, and I think the asshat he made his #2 is up there in years too. They won’t be running (ruining) things for too long….I hope.

  3. Anita Snows version is a bit whitewashed:
    Per Anita “In another sign that major change was not afoot, Raul Castro, 76, proposed he would consult with the ailing 81-year-old Fidel on all major decisions of state, and parliament approved the proposal.”
    Per the Miami Herald
    “Raúl Castro’s first move as president was to introduce a measure allowing his brother to rule on all major decisions in the future. The National Assembly unanimously agreed.’
    There is a great difference between consulting and ruling. But I guess Anita is doing some serious damage control right now.

  4. Is there any validity to the idea that Raul & Company are a transition team to Carlos Lage and/or Felipe Perez Roque? What effect will the 5 billion barrels of oil and the 10 trillion cf of gas currently being exploited in the North Cuban Basin and the potential 3.2 billion gallon ethanol industry making Cuba number 3 behind Brazil and the US have on the future development of Cuba?

  5. Something, something will make them run afoul of the U.S, last time with Bill in 96 they knew what they were playing with but with Mac in it will be too long for them not to screw up somewhere, unless Mac gets sick the Republicans got the Pres again.

  6. May not directly relate to the subject but woth mentioning from another blog: Another view of Parke Wright’s activities
    John Parke Wright, a Naples cattle rancher (in photo he’s on the right, enjoying a cigar with Ramon Castro), has been extremely active in working with Cuban authorities to improve agriculture on the island. (See full story here.) Not all members of his family share his thoughts. Here is an e-mail received Friday morning from Sarah Wright of Miami:
    “John Parke Wright is my father, and I would like to respond to the article that you wrote in today’s Miami Herald. As a Cuban-American (my mother, author Carolina Garcia-Aguilera, was born in Havana and was once married to John Parke Wright), I am offended by the actions that my father has taken with respect to Cuba. By embracing, literally and figuratively, the Castros, he is giving legitimacy to an abusive dictatorship. It’s sad that the Cuban government is using him as a pawn, and even sadder that it’s the Cuban people that are suffering the most as a result.”

  7. “From this day on, the official language of Cuba will be Swedish. Silence! In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check. Furthermore, all children under 16 years old are now… 16 years old!”

  8. Jesus-
    En Ingles – so everyone else can follow this. If the mineral assets are exploited, CUBA under REAL NATIONALIST leadership could become a prosperous nation once again in short order. Under los hermanos comemierdos, the money would be filtered to offshore banks in as the British say – “A Trice.” -S-

  9. No offense, Pototo, but I was just listening to his “Alo” call with Hugo. Anyone else notice Raul talks just like the Pototo, the old comedian?

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