Ooh! That Kiss!

Silvio Rodríguez, “arguably one of the greatest musicians of recent times in the Spanish-speaking world,” according to the Guardian, gave an interview in which he reminsces about the kiss he gave Fidel and states that fidel “makes the world tremble.” (No explanation offered about whether kissing fidel made Silvio tremble.) The musical propagandist for castro, Inc. speculated that castro’s health has been a secret because it would prompt the enermies of Cuba to plot against him.
The Nueva Trova founder of course also offered his two cents on the United States:

‘I wish the White House would stop being hostile towards our country. I feel fully identified with the circumstances of the embargo and the aggressions the Cuban people suffer. And as for the universal quality of the culture of the US that is because of all the different people from various countries that live there.’

You can read the rest of Silvio’s butt-kissing here.