The same as it ever was

Newly appointed dictatator raul castro as appointed as his No. 2, a old guard communist hardliner named Jose Ramon Machado Ventura. Read about him here.
Further calling into question the notion that raul is some sort of reformer was his proposal to keep big brother in the game as a sort of supreme leader. The Miami Herald described it like this:

(r)aúl (c)astro’s first move as president was to introduce a measure allowing his brother to rule on all major decisions in the future. The National Assembly unanimously agreed.
In his inaugural speech, (r)aúl (c)astro paid homage to his brother’s rule, saying he could never be replaced — ”fidel is fidel,” he said — and repeated his previous argument that the Communist Party remains Cuba’s leading force.
“He can never be replaced.”

2 thoughts on “The same as it ever was”

  1. I keep reading the messages left in those articles not only in the Herald but in the other newspapers as well and always ask myself? Why do the Americans hate us so much? Cubans have always been the only immigrants to embrace the USA and love it as our own. Why do these people have so much hate in them? THe only reason I can find is envy and jelousy because unlke other “migrants”, Cubans have succeeded and not adapted to the roll that they usually give migrants of being “hired help”. I was born in Puerto Rico from Cuban exile parents and moved to the mainland feeling like the proudest of Ameri cans, then reality hit me. These people hate everyone they consider different. Right now I’m praying for the castro regim to end it’s existense because when that day finally comes, I’m moving my family to Santiago de Cuba and working for the future of Cuba. I don’t want my kids growing up with so much hatred around them in these United States.

  2. Joaquin –
    The US Cuban Community’s success speaks for itself. Those that can NOT see it are Blind – as those who cannot hear it are Deaf, and those who cannot feel it are “sin corazon.” -S-

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