Quack — Quack

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you can safely assume it is a duck. Unless, of course, you are a member of the mainstream media and that pato happens to be a Cuban dictator.
Perusing the headlines and news articles this morning regarding Cuba’s so-called historic change yesterday, you can see that no matter how much raulito waddles and quacks, he is described as anything other than what he is. To the media, the quacking coming out of Havana yesterday was a symphony of orchestral brass ushering in a new era of socialist magnificence.
raul said quack: the media heard trumpets blare REFORM!
raul said quack: the media heard trumpets blare PRAGMATISM!
raul said quack: the media heard trumpets blare NEW ERA!
Meanwhile, all that the Cuban people heard was quack, quack, quack, quack.

4 thoughts on “Quack — Quack”

  1. Thats exactly what I saw in the Herald’s Oppenheimer piece. He is convinced he sees change hidden among the latest news. And quite honestly I see none.

  2. For 50 years the MSM has been trumpeting reforms inside Cuba. Even while fidel was unequivocal and very honest that there would be no reforms [who can forget his famous speech, “within the revolution everything, outside nothing” or his constant mantra that he would not “budge an inch”], they would become orgasmic over the slightest sign of reform such as the paladares or the farmers markets [which by the way had existed in the 1960’s], now that Raul has officially been named Cuba’s new president [read this as new dictator for life], they are again getting all worked up about reforms even as Raul himself is honest:
    Raul Castro had called for debate on how to shape Cuba’s economic future and even endorsed unspecified ”structural changes” to the communist system. But he said Sunday that anyone hoping for radical change ”overlooked the fact that it was debate and criticism within socialism.”
    So as you see, his younger brother is echoing the “Within the Revolution…” crap….
    From: New York Times:
    Cuba Gets New President, Old-Guard Team
    Feb. 25, 2008

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