The Revolution Takes a Mulligan

There were three world class golf courses in Cuba prior to the revolution. They were usurped by the castro regime and turned into “worker’s resorts” and “schools.” The revolution, with its perfection, surely didnt need bourgeoise sports venues for the rich, capitalist imperialists.
But that was then, and this is now. That was before the world and the castro regime had the empirical proof of the revolution’s absolute and abject failure.
Today, the castro regime and the revolution take a Mulligan, and seek those same foreign, capitalist, imperialist investors to come on over and build some golf resorts.

6 thoughts on “The Revolution Takes a Mulligan”

  1. Even more proof of how that economy and his revolution don’t work. For sure, this is somehow the embargo’s fault. As my husband sarcastically says “after all it’s all the US’s fault.”

  2. Val,
    Love the golf shoes fido is wearing in the Wall Street Journal picture.
    Guess no course ranger was going to tell him he wasn’t dressed appropriately.
    Golfing right after the Cuban Missle Crisis? “You know after a tough 10 days of damn near blowing up the world, I love to put on my combat boot golf shoes, my Izod fatigues and shoot a round of golf with my fellow proletariats.”
    Last year it was a commie Disneyland. This year its golf resorts. What’s next, Che golf balls?
    “Tiger’s tee shot has to carry the collective farm by the fourth hole.”

  3. We need to visit Cuba and those golf courses as much as possible. The idea of having the Cubans, who threw eggs at me and my family when we were living during the Mariel Boatlift, carrying my clubs is really appealing. I’m with Joe Garcia on this one. We need the Cubans living in the US to have more contact with the Cubans on the island. Can you imagine if el hijo de la chivata de mi cuadra me tiene que limpiar los golf shoes. El tipo se cagaria en su madre y la revolucion diez mil veces.

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