We’ve all heard this story before…

But never told by this person:

On the day Fidel Castro announced he was stepping down, Kathleen Turner was in a church on the Danforth talking about the power of politics over God. “One day at school, my teacher told me to close my eyes and pray to God for candy,” said Turner, who attended school in Cuba in 1959. “I opened my eyes and there was no candy.” Turner’s teacher then asked her to close her eyes and ask Fidel Castro for candy — lo and behold, the candy appeared. The teacher then asked the class, “Who loves you more, Fidel Castro or God?”
“I went home and I told my mom that story,” said Turner, “and that was the last time I ever went to a Cuban school.”

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  1. Henry, Your post and news/comments/articles are showing up all over the net. Keep up the great work! Free Cubans need to know they have a lot of support.

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