Am I wrong?

Predictably the “change” that occurred in Cuba over the weekend (which is no change at all because raul has been said to be governing for over a year and a half) has brought the fidelista apologists and anti-embargo blame the U.S. first crowd out of the woodwork.
But something else happened. A bunch of people also spoke out against the regime that don’t normally talk about Cuba. The cartoons I posted below are a testament to the latent sentiments about castro that are out there among everyday Americans.
We are often discouraged because it seems that every American who hasn’t been immersed in the issue of Cuba automatically believes in some of the propaganda put out there by the regime and amplified by the media in the last 50 years. But these last few days have shown me that there’s far more people out there that “get it” than I previously thought. It’s just that these people don’t have a vested interest in Cuba and Cuba isn’t on the top of their agenda.
Here’s just one example: a Portuguese blogger living in Belgium reminding his readers that despite the “change” Cuba still has political prisoners.
Another: Reason Magazine’s editor takes on the castro myth and how the media handles it.
Am I being overly optimistic? Am I wrong.

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  1. Henry, you are not being overly optimistic, and you are not wrong. The average American does not like or trust Castro, and never has. Castro is superficially popular with certain loud-mouthed members of our media and cultural elite, but those people are not America, and don’t speak for it.

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