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  1. All we see are photos of individuals, all men. Who were these men? Names, bios, any history would be more helpful to understand the context of the statement. Were these men part of Batista’s regime, soldiers, etc?

  2. Val – respectfully, I am not trying to be a wiseass. I am just asking what I think are legitimate questions. Ventanita I could not access the link. Can you put the url again? I would like to know who the men were that Guevara executed. All this video shows is Guevara, states he murdered people, and puts up photographs of men. Who were these men? If one is going to educate people about Guevara’s past deeds, it is helpful to present all the information.

  3. Gabriel,
    What’s your point?
    Let’s assume all these men were in the Armed Forces during Batista’s presidency… So what! They had served under other presidents just as the Armed Forces in the United States do. Tell me, does the United States change all the members of their Armed Forces every four years when a new president is elected into office? Does that same president execute the members of the Armed Forces of the previous administration just because he didn’t agree with or like the previous president? Why should it be acceptable when it comes to Cuba?

  4. Val,
    Thanks as always. I have 11 year old twin daughters. They know their Dad is interested in Cuba. Hell my screen wallpaper is a picture of the Rivera Hotel. They also know that castro is a bad man (to say the very least).
    They are currently in the chorus for the school play “Evita.” Its a K through 12 school. They recently asked me who was this guy “Chase”. I responded that Che was a murderer who fought with castro in the mountains and he betrayed the Cuban people. I also reminded them that his character was in the movie “The Lost City” which they saw on DVD some months back.
    I also mentioned to them that his presence in the play is really historically incorrect.
    I did not explain to them that some people think Che is cool.
    There is just so much balance you can give to a murderers’ story.

  5. Gabriel,
    Youre teetering once again on the thin line of bandom. While oozing hubris and in typical wiseass know it all trouble maker fashion, you have insinuated in each of your two comments here that these men shown are only part of Batista’s military. A not-so-clever and not-so-unique ploy by the typical fidelista to inject a red herring into a serious issue. There are TONS of places to find the names of all those killed by Guevara. There’s a fucking search box on the sidebar of this blog. If you are so inclined, use it, if not, go to the Cuba Archives and find a list of all confirmed deaths with all relative information. Once again, stop being a fucking wise ass or I will ban you not just from commenting but from entering the site altogether.
    I suggest you choose your words wsiely from now on. very wisely.

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