Raul Martinez: a real statesman

Please observe how the Democratic candidate for the 21st Congressional district, Raul Martinez, solves a crisis: by attacking a man half his size who isn’t even looking. Watch the video (especially the first few seconds) several times. Martinez claims he was hit first. But observe how he appears from off-camera to assault this guy. Martinez is clearly a liar.

Better yet, here’s the sequence in still pictures:
Stay classy Raul.
H/T: raulmartinez08.com

26 thoughts on “Raul Martinez: a real statesman”

  1. The attacker looks more like Henry Gomez in height and weight than my friend Raul Martinez, who Aruca and I are campaigning for.

  2. Henry eso es lo que necesita miami para to get rid de todas las ratas comunistas que por alla caminan ..Con un hombre asi dandole duro a los comunistas es lo que necesitamos. Espero que voten por el..ya tu vistes el discurso de Raul esa gente no come cuento..a las buenas nada , Retorica nada..words words words ..nada con los comunistas candela o 200 more years de lo mismo .. will us ever learn?

  3. “The attacker looks more like Henry Gomez in height and weight than my friend Raul Martinez, who Aruca and I are campaigning for.”
    Raul Martinez is scum! If you’re actually wasting your time campaigning for that scum then you must be scum as well!

  4. But observe how he appears from off-camera to assault this guy. Martinez is clearly a liar
    todos los politicos mienten y roban. Hay gente que hace mas daño haciendo eso que tirando un puño
    what was the reason for thar fight in the middle of the highway?

  5. mrcs_Concepcion
    I have no idea who he was attacking what iam saying is that we need people with guts to face the communists. Ya son muchos los que se pasean por nuestra comunidad como pedro por su casa y seguiran llegando.

  6. abajofidel, he was attacking a guy who had just arrived from Cuba a few years prior who was protesting the sending back of Cubans to Cuba. Not a communist.

  7. The sequence of still images could be better if a couple of extra frames were added to the beginning. In the video it looks like the victim wasn’t even looking in Martinez’s direction until he noticed someone lunging at him.
    Another bit of feedback is possibly add a disclaimer noting no intent to offend with the Luca Brasi picture? Why put down a perfectly respectful fictional character?

  8. Siempre se dijo que esta campaña de Raul y joe iba a estar cargada y iba a ser candente..pronto veremos otras cosas no se , quizas bribery, porno, violence, maybe they will fight in a tv debate, asi son las cosas de nuestra comunidad. dos bandos los que son y los que no son . en cual estas tu?

  9. That’s Mayor Sluggo What a guy! The Cubans were demonstrating because the CoastGuard in its fervor to help the castro regime keep Cubans in captivity was caught on camera brutally and mercifully attacking a bunch of Cuban REFUGEES from making it to shore and freedom. This guy is embarrasment.

  10. I agree with Bernardo. That video was staged by the Republicans trying to ruin Raul Martinez’s pristine reputation. That Martinez look-alike from behind could very well be an actor or Henry Gomez. Notice how he is fake fighting, just like they do in professional wrestling.

  11. mirando bien el video parece que esa policia estaba de acuerdo con la paliza que daba el tal martinez, acaso era esa su propia policia?
    alquien que explique primera vez que veo esto

  12. Si, Enrique esos son los policias de Hialeah, la mayoria cubanos. Y como vez la policia se estaba portando con paciencia y profesionalmente no obstante que algunos de los demonstradores se estaban pasando de la linea y el loco este llego de guapeton a repartir trompones, cosa que no es asunto del. Y despues, empezo a invertar de que si le habian dado a el y que de que el estaba protejiendo a un policia. es una verguenza.

  13. yeah, this is the type of guy we want representing our community in the halls of Congress. Sheesh. what an embarrassment.

  14. Raul Martinez is repulsive. God save us if he wins his bid for congress. Not only is he a criminal, but also a liar, a charlatan and a mean-spirited, cowardly thug [how brave is it to attack a smaller guy when you are surrounded by your own armed police force?]. He’s one of those sleazy, lowlife politicos that the left always accuses Cuban Americans of being. A congressional seat for him would really give validity to the false, racist, anti-Cuban American accusation that we are a banana republic.

  15. Th emore I watch that video, the more Im assured that the loca democrats attempt at a political pincer move here is doomed to abject failure.

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