Revenge of the Cubanologists

No offense to Jose Reyes whose web site is called Cubanology. The Cubanologists I’m talking about are the retard academics who think they know so much but don’t know jack.
The latest stupid statement comes from Paolo Spadoni an “assistant professor of political science at Rollins College.”

“Instead of things getting out of control, what we saw was Fidel Castro supervising his succession…”

Really? fidel supervised his succession. How does a professor in the suburbs of Orlando Florida know whether fidel is coherent or even conscious? How does he know that fidel isn’t drooling out of his Parkinson’s mask all over his pillow while a nurse pumps baby food into his stomach through a tube and another changes the shit bag attached to his side?
Of course the succession was uneventful. Who was going to stop it? The international community, those hypocritical douchebags? Pulease? The Cuban people? Double puhlease. They don’t call it a totalitarian regime for nothing. This is the caliber of person teaching in our colleges.
The rest of the piece is just as idiotic. A mindless congratulatory fellatio of castro for having the foresight to realize that he was in fact human and would eventually die.

3 thoughts on “Revenge of the Cubanologists”

  1. I wonder how [Mr.] Spadoni would feel if President Bush passed on to his little brother Jeb the Presidency. You know… “Instead of things getting out of control” in November.

  2. It’s interesting to note that many of the Black Panther members and the Weathermen underground movements of the 1960’s who committed crimes did not serve any time for their crimes, and eventually found homes teaching in American universities, isn’t it? Judging by this post, they and their inane students are still at it in Academia.

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