Cuba Held Hostage – Day 17,955

The Cuban regime continues its propaganda offensive.
Felipe Perez Roque just signed two Human Rights Covenants that Cuba had refused to sign.
But in typical Castrist fashion, he quickly announced that:

United States’ economic embargo and hostility to Cuba’s government “constitutes the most serious obstacle to the enjoyment by the Cuban people of the rights protected by the covenants”.

So basically, Perez Roque is saying that unless the United States agrees to their conditions, the regime will have no choice but to continue to oppress, starve and enslave the Cuban people.
This is a hostage situation. It always has been.
Since its inception, Fidel’s 26 of July movement, has employed terrorist methods to achieve its goals. Hell, they even “invented” air hi-jackings, so it’s no surprise.
After taking the island over, they held the whole population with a gun to their heads-once even a nuclear gun.
Every so often they release a few hostages, some escape. The former hostages feel pity on the ones with a gun still to their heads and send help which helps the criminals because that’s one less hostage to feed. Some develop the “Stockholm Syndrome” and begin to identify with the hostage taker. (there’s a lot of that going around in Miami lately)
This hostage drama has gone on for so long now, that the ringleader is dying-of old age. It seems the rest of the gang is starting to panic. The hostages are starting to revolt. The pizzas and cigarettes that the cops were sending in isn’t enough anymore. They want more.
Pretty soon, they might ask for a plane to fly out of the country-perhaps to “Wyoming”

“We are convinced that the lifting of the embargo will come in the future” said Perez Roque who added that it must be lifted “without any conditions whatsoever”.

6 thoughts on “Cuba Held Hostage – Day 17,955”

  1. That’s quite possibly the worst photoshop I’ve ever seen, but a gold star for the effort.
    Just busting your balls a little. 😉

  2. That’s quite possibly the worst photoshop I’ve ever seen, but a gold star for the effort.
    Just busting your balls a little. 😉

  3. no, no, I understand . you were trying to use “brash and bravado” language, but for your information, i did that in ms paint, not photoshop. and yeah it’s pretty awful.

  4. Well, the photo may not be stellar, but your words are. One more reminder of how morally bankrupt and useless the UN is.

  5. We’d love to lift the embargo unconditionally when the political prisoners are released, free elections held, restitution for expropriated American properties, etc….
    Seriously, I’m thinking we’re going about this all wrong. We need to use pretty words like “we’d love to establish trade and relations with our neighbor to the south and assist them in their democratic transition. Until that time, we’ll wait, ready to help.” Get my drift?

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