5 thoughts on “He came, he saw… (Part 3)”

  1. The sight of Raul and Cardinal Bertone together sends a shill up my spine. It is indescribable. Raul looks like an evil little weasel, a disease carrying rat [which he is] who gets sexual pleasure out of physically torturing people [we all know that he is a confirmed sadist] and Bertone looks like something of of Machiavelli’s “the Prince”. I mean, would you confide your problems in this man? Would you confess your sins to him??
    Bertone makes me understand Martin Luther a lot better. No wonder Martin Luther after much soul-searching nailed his now famous document on the church door! He probably met a lot of Bertone’s in his days.
    If I were in the presence of Raul and Bertone, I would feel like taking a long shower to wash their grime off of me.

  2. And now Pope Benedict (Arnold) comes to America and will meet with President Bush. I can imagine how he will lobby for Cuba.

  3. This photo is deeply offensive, even more so than a very similar photo of Raul Castro and Spanish Foreign Minister Moratinos during his visit to Cuba. Moratinos, like Bertone, was smiling from ear to ear and looked like he was having a great time, which no doubt he was. They can always claim this is just “diplomatic protocol” or some such excuse, but that will NOT wash. It’s disgusting.

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