4 thoughts on “The sound you hear…”

  1. How exactly has the tightening of restrictions on travel and remittances brought us closer to the end of the castro regime?
    I will concede that some of those dollars will go to the direct benefit of the regime, but that is outweighed by the humanitarian gain made possible by lifting the limits.
    Of far greater benefit to the regime is the American law that allows U.S. ag interests to sell food and other ag products to the regime. Not only does that help the regime, when they re-sell items on the black market, but it also helps undermine the arguments in favor of the overall embargo.
    Greater emphasis should be put on tightening restrictions on ag sales than on something that only hurts the people we claim to be standing for.

  2. Mark I hear you about the ag sales. Believe me I’d dump them in a heartbeat. There simply isn’t the political will do it though.
    Secondly I challenge anyone to produce a Cuban-American who has been fined by OFAC for taking a trip to Cuba for legitimate family purposes inside the the three year waiting period. Objections to the family travel restrictions are simply a political ploy.

  3. Personally, I tink what’s needed are guns, RPGs, claymores, bayonets, jeeps, maps, and other assorted weapons.
    But that’s just me.

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