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  1. He was only trying to get a voter to the polls. If he would have died in the process so what? Dead people vote for democrats all the time.

  2. The Miami Herald
    January 2, 2000
    Another Year in Miami: A Review of 1999
    At this time of the year, it’s customary for a community to reflect on yet another 365 days flown swiftly past and to seek the full meaning of the most significant events and issues:
    Mayor Raul Martinez leads the charge to create Hialeah county, a battle temporarily sidetracked by an actual brawl. During a traffic-blocking protest, the burly mayor pummels slender butcher Ernesto Mirabal – landing a left and at least five right uppercuts as police officers also jump Mirabal. Prosecutors drop charges against Mirabal after news videos prove he didn’t start it.

  3. Henry this one is VERY good. De verdad. Sharp. By the way we don’t have democrats who grab their opponentes by the neck here. LOL
    Rafael Martel

  4. So why didn’t Mirabal sue the pants off Martinez? Is he slow on the uptake, or was he possibly, uh, quietly compensated after the fact?

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