Uribe Accuses Chavez of Genocide

Unsurprising to anyone, except of course maybe to hugito himself, we know have been told that chavez funneled 300 million dollars to the FARC.
As we say in Puerto Rico, ahora si que se pusieron los huevos de a peseta as Colombia has decided to take chavez to The Hague.
I say it’s about fucking time. George has more.

3 thoughts on “Uribe Accuses Chavez of Genocide”

  1. Ay, bendito. Such profanity from La Ventanita. I never heard such language in your father’s panaderia. A Dio’ cara’.

  2. Prof. I have to admit, my father (may he rest in peace) almost never uttered a profanity. So it does not surprise me that you never heard it at his panaderia.
    As for me? I’m a bit more expressive as you can see 😉

  3. Good! Maybe since Hugo, like his “master” Fidel, was/is so vehemently opposed to Kosova independence, and feels so sorry for the Serbian National(Social)ists who decided to show everyone just how they feel about it in such a “civilised” fashion on TVs all across the globe, can (once they’ve tried and convicted him, of course) let them make him cellmates with arch-racist/Nationalist Voijslav Seslj. Two miserable National(Social)ists who I’m sure will truly love each other’s company! 🙂

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