17 thoughts on “Brazilian Arms to Venezuela”

  1. I am sure the Colombians will have U.S. backing should the despot start any trouble. There will be nothing better than to add socialist terrorism to our list of targets.

  2. Henry,
    If these news are true it would not surprise me at all.
    In another post I explained my feelings about Mr. Lula.
    Definitely I don’t trust him as far as I can piss.
    Now the US needs to support Colombia more than ever because it is becoming quite obvious that all these lefties will gang up against Colombia. but it does not surprise me at all, I expected it.
    I hope that President Bush will finally get a serious wake-up call from this incident because for all these years he has choosen to ignore the rise of all these lefties in Latin America without doing anything serious to undermine them.
    I feel that this has been an extremely big mistake on his part.
    The President has only paid attention to the problems in the Middle East while ignoring America’s backyard issues.
    We have beign going firefighting thousands of miles away from our shores the last few years (and I do understand that this policy is necessary thought for our security). But, while our backyard (Latin America) has been catching flames he has done nothing to at least try to stop it and I cannot agree with this type of policy.
    This is not a very smart foreign policy if you ask me and the consecuences of it is that now the chickens have finally come home to rost to this President for sitting on his lame ass and not paying attention to the region.
    Even thought I voted for him twice this President sometimes comes accross to me as somewhat stupid (as his opponents say)in some of his actions or that sometimes he does not possess enought wisdom to foreside future incoming problems to this nation or that he reacts way to slow to some challenges.
    I wish that I was wrong regarding this argument but what has happened the last few years may support some of it.
    Definitely Ronald Reagan would not have allowed this situation to reach this point.
    Yet we know that unfortunately there would always be only one Ronald Reagan in history and that’s why I still have so much respect for our former President.

  3. I have to agree with Freedom regarding the lack of attention paid to Latin America. I personally believe that we will eventually see war in Latin America soon. If not because of this incident it will be because of another. It is inevitable. Something to ponder now is to who are the over 20 million illegals loyal to with Calderon now leaning toward Venezcudaor? Latin America is a pressure cooker ready to burst. And if isn’t addressed immediately it will bite us.

  4. It’s about time that the shit really hits the fan in South America. The one thing the Colombian people should know is “Never fear a communist”…Thier soldiers moral is never strong. Also if they do go to war, make sure its a war to end the bullshit once and for all. No prisoners are to be taken.

  5. We Cubans should stay on the sidelines on this on, but a war involving Chavez is the best damn thing we need for our cause, I only hope Chavez is the only war casualty, let the showdown begin

  6. Lula is a classic deceitful weasel. In Cubanspeak, he’s an example of “la gatica de Maria Ramos, que tira la piedra y esconde la mano.”

  7. I only wish that Ileana Ross Letinen, Lincoln Diaz Balard and Mel Martinez convey this message to our President Bush once and for all:
    “Mr. Presidente dejate de comer tanta mierda en Latin America, amarrate los pantalones y haz lo que tengas que hacer para acabar con Chavez y compania”.
    The jury still out if this will finally happen, maybe only in my dreams.

  8. What is sad is that the average American is clueless while this pressure cooker is about to explode.
    The Average American dont buy maps. they dont know where Latin America is located, maybe in southAfrica
    Mr. Presidente dejate de comer tanta mierda en Latin America, amarrate los pantalones y haz lo que tengas que hacer para acabar con Chavez y compania”.
    A los Estados Unidos le im´porta un comino latinoamerica, lo unico que les importa se llama Osama Bin Laden

  9. Abajofidel,
    I know what you mean and I know that the US don’t care shit about Latin America.
    I have lived long in this country to witness it.
    But you know what? that’s exactly the reason we have arrived to this situation.
    The only thing I can say is that if they don’t start paying attention to the region soon they might come to regret it.

  10. All in all, I sort of like the way the OEA and some of the countries are handling this, even though they are condemning the incursion. What I like is that everyone, is trying their best to keep this an Ecuador-Colombia conflict and keeping Chavez out of it.
    I expected the other countries to condemn, it was only logical that they would.
    I’m still surprised no one has laughed outloud at chavez sending his military to the border and all his war talk diatribe. Though I am kind of glad most everyone seems to be ignoring him.
    Now the by product of this incursion – the revelation of chavez ties with the FARC and his own violations of Colombian soverignty – that is just priceless!

  11. When you get a chance and between meals (sp you don’t throw up) read Granma. Its ironic that they mention that Correa wants a detraction regarding being accused of helping FARC, but there is no mention of Chavez’ actions. So Cuba has to protect Chavez or sugar daddy will hold back oil.

  12. This will “end up in pizza” like they say in Brazil. Any scandal that ends up in nothing is said to “acabar em pizza”. Lula is like Gotti, the dude is covered in teflon. I have lost count of the scandals that have plagued his administration. I say he is either aware, and corrupt, or being misled by his advisors, and he is incompetent. This may end up being some “lost shipment” that a “corrupt army official” tried to make some money out of and higher ups will wash their hands of it.

  13. It’s true that USA ignores South America at its peril — if for no other reason than that it can be that in yet another marriage of convenience between Commies and Islamofascists (let’s just say Arafat was no devout Muslim), places like Venezuela could become a bank or even an advance base/staging area for AQ et al.

    All that said, look, the Democrats won’t even let us sign a free trade agreement with Colombia. What would the chances ever have been of any sort of American intervention in any form on Colombia’s behalf short of an actual war breaking out? Look at all the crap we took over Nicaragua and El Salvador, and ANY “meddling” in the Middle East prior to 9/11 that wasn’t brown-nosing Arafat or crapping on Israel.

    Something of unprecedented horror has to happen to shut the American and European left up permanently and end their castration of American foreign policy. Until then, we’ll always be responding too late to this or that crisis and the same Dems who handcuffed us and allowed each crisis to boil over will always be holding Congressional hearings about why we didn’t do something sooner.

  14. Zhangliqun,
    I agree with this comment you made, and this is exactly what I’m afraid off:
    Something of unprecedented horror has to happen to shut the American and European left up permanently and end their castration of American foreign policy.
    The shit definitely has to hit the fan before something is done about.
    What I’m afraid of is that always the innocent people (like those who perished in the Twin Towers) are the ones who end paying the price when something horrible happens.

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