What Americans Want…

…according to a relatively new poll is diplomatic relations with Cuba. I would still be peeved but reassured if 59% of these folks knew what they were talking about. Sadly, academia and the media have failed in their roles as honest brokers of information. So the results are not surprising.
Still, there is a bright spot to the poll: that number is down from 67% a few years ago. Article here.

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  1. rsnlk,
    You know what really bewilders me the most is how dumb, naive and stupid the American people have become over the last few years and how much they have lowered their standards, principles and values.
    Have to admit that the MSM and the Hollywood idiots that constantly praise Fidel Castro and his lefties compadres have a lot to do with it too.
    That’s why today you have so many people following Barack Hussein Obama bullshit that if we sit down and embrace our enemies this world will become a much better place to be.
    Yeah, right……B.S……B.S.…B.S.
    The part that pains me the most that with almost two million Cuban-American immigrants in America they still don’t want to believe what we experienced under Castro’s regime or the evilness of his rule.
    The American people of today want to be with God and the Devil at the same time and they’ll learn a painful lesson in the not so distant future about how wrong they were if they continue on this path.

  2. Such polls are frankly useless. And that’s coming from someone who believes in polls. The reason is simple, you are asking people about an issue that doesn’t confront them in their daily lives without any sort of context.
    If we conducted a poll today I’m sure that a majority of Americans would agree with the statement that “Income taxes should be lower for all Americans than they presently are”. But when it comes down to it those same people might vote in a candidate who will raise taxes. That’s because it’s one thing to agree with something in theory when there’s no consequence than when there is. The politician might justify the higher taxes by saying that without them the social security system will be bankrupted. This may be a justifiable reason in the eyes of the voters who in addition to wanting lower taxes also want social security to be solvent.
    The same thing with Cuba. The respondents are mostly unaware of the implications of having diplomatic relations with a country which include the legitimizing of a criminal regime.
    It’s a conundrum for the pollster because he doesn’t want to bias the respondents by asking a leading question like:
    Do you favor or oppose re-establishing U.S. diplomatic relations with Cuba, a communist country which has not held a democratic elections in 50 years and which violates human rights and currently holds political prisoners that disagree with the government?
    Of course my additions the question are factual. But they also bias the respondent.
    On the flip side, this poll means nothing because no American that isn’t already engaged in the Cuba issue is going to make diplomatic relations with Cuba a top priority at election time. It’s not important enough an issue for most voters. Simply put, voters aren’t going hold back support for a candidate they otherwise like because he/she disagrees with them on diplomatic relations for Cuba.

  3. I may catch a bit of flak on this but this is how I, as a non Cuban see it. The poll is awkward but proves how uninformed so many people are concerning the world around them. Proof of this is the rise of a nobody commie like Obama.
    Then there is the Cuban exile/refugee community itself and let the left wing media set the rules. Up until the last few years most kept to themselves and did not venture out with THE message. Just argued amongst themselves.
    Now we see a younger generation, some that have never been to Cuba, asking questions and reaching out to older Cuban exiles. They are hungry for information and are pushing in all directions for a free Cuba. This mood is catching now.
    So I see this recent movement as a great opportunity to get info into middle America and get more people involved.
    That’s my rant for the day.

  4. Given that the average American knows essentially nothing about the Cuban situation or the embargo issue except what the MSM keeps peddling, it’s a marvel that there’s ANY support for the embargo.

  5. rrod:
    Considering that the MSM has never given the Cuban exile community the time of day…
    Considering that the MSM always portrays the Cuban exile community as the “bad guys…”
    Considering that the Cuban government spends millions and millions of dollars in the U.S and abroad, in propaganda…
    Considering that Hollywood gives free positive propaganda to the Cuban regime…
    Considering that Cuban exiles don’t have an anti-defamation group…
    Considering that it’s very difficult to publish -in English- books that are derogatory to the Cuban regime…
    Considering that EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY in the world has abandoned the Cuban people (aqui lo que importa es el CA$H)…
    Considering that the Catholic Church is in BED with the Cuban government…
    Considering that the only way we can send our message to the American people is by purchasing space in a newspaper…
    Considering that there are Cuban spies in all levels of the U. S. government (think Ana Belen Montes)…
    Considering there are hundreds of DGI agents walking the streets of the U.S. trying to malign Cuban exile’s reputations…
    Considering all the leftist university professors …
    I think the Cuban-American community has tried to do its best to send our message across. They don’t call us belligerent for nothing!

  6. Firefly, I cant argue with that because we both know its true. It’s a valid point and may explain why for too long the exile community couldnt get their views out. But today is a different story and more power to them. We need louder voices.

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