Et tu, Macy’s? (UPDATED)

Found this in my inbox last night:

Macy’s second floor in Dadeland is selling t-shirts with the image of notorious Che Guevara.
In the name of all those murdered by Che Guevara please call 305-662-3400, press #5, then #1 to speak to the Sales Managers or press #2 to speak to the store Manager and request the t-shirts be removed from the sales aisle.
Don’t buy at Macy’s while the t-shirts are on sale.

You can call and ask them to remove the shirts or, if your request falls upon deaf ears, demand that they begin carrying Hitler hats, Mao bikinis and Stalin shorts.
One thing is for certain, though, Macy’s aint getting a penny of my hard earned cash.
Update: I emailed Macy’s online last night and recieved the following response just now:

Dear Mr. Valentin Prieto,
I wanted to let you know that we have received the email that you sent Macy’s corporate offices. In regards to your email, Macy’s intent was not to offend customers or members of the community. We have removed all remaining t-shirts from the selling floor. Again, we apologize if this situation has caused offense to you and your family.
Wanda Mainella
OVP Stores HR/Selling Service

9 thoughts on “Et tu, Macy’s? (UPDATED)”

  1. Val habra alguna forma de que te puedas comunicar con la tropa de Saavedra para ver si le pueden llevar un acto de recordatorio a la gente de Macys?

  2. Well, maybe the responsible party who approved such a brilliant and ever-so-appropriate thing IN SOUTH FLORIDA is, like, Scandinavian. You know, like the head honcho at the Miami Herald, Anders Gyllenhaal. Oh, yeah. That makes SOOO much sense.

  3. I just called Macy’s and asking them kindly to take the (c)he t-shirts off of their second floor
    department. I told them that I have been a Burdines, now a Macy’s customer since 1982 and will refuse to by anything else until they do so.
    I asked them to comply out of respect for the Cuban Community here in South Florida.
    I also mentioned that, “It’s highly unlikely that they would get away with selling (h)itler t-shirts. I also left my name and phone number so that they would know I was a serious call.

  4. Val it would be a good idea to go there with a digital camera and try to get a reaction from the floor manager so that we can post later in our blogs..also to take pictures of the sale y si es posible interview someone after making the purchase that will be awesome, maybe a good babalusian reader samaritan in the Miami Area can do us the favor

  5. I called the Macy’s Sales office at Dadeland yesterday. According to the sales manager, the T-shirts have already been removed.

  6. “the T-shirts have already been removed.”
    It’s like Whack-A-Mole, it’ll pop again in another chain. Still, good work.

  7. Coño Val te la comiste con ese e mail… Y nada tenemos que mantenernos unidos( los CA bloggers) y cuando cosas como estas surgan atacar rapido. Como se hizo con la isabel de Tejas y como hicimos con BUCL que tambien fue un exito rotundo. Como mismo le hizo Uribe a Raul Reyes, pulverizarlos de la faz de la tierra . Es lo menos que se merecen estos personajillos

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