For Change’s Sake

When you read recent commentaries on Cuba, many seem to argue that now is the time to change US policy and kiss and make up with the Boy-Scout uniform wearing new dictator. Change seems to be the buzzword word nowadays. Even on my wrist. There’s even a popular new faith-based Change movement, Chicago style, in which you have to “believe” in- like a religion or a cult.
Some new age change merchants argue that if the United States doesn’t engage the “new” Cuban regime, change its current policy, that an incredibly fertile opportunity is passing us by. They argue that other countries like Spain, China, Brazil, etc… are swooping in to make deals with the (c)astro nostra and they will exert influence on the course of the “new” regime while the United States sits on the sidelines, Gatorade bucket in hand, waiting to celebrate the innevitable victory of good over evil.
These folks come in two stripes. There are the ones who see Cuba as a money making opportunity, (green stripes) and there are those who are ideologically sympathetic to the regime, (red stripes). But whatever the color of their stripes or motivation for their actions, the result will be the prolongation of (c)astroism and the continued suffering of the Cuban people.
For example, here’s an article from Louis E.V. Nevaer who seems to argue that the United States is missing an opportunity to compete with China in offering Cuba’s “new” regime and opportunity to survive and exploit Cuba’s resources at the same time:

China offers Cuba a tantalizing possibility: Who needs free elections, or prisons emptied of political prisoners or a pesky press, when through the magic of Command Capitalism, Raul Castro and the entire leadership of the National Assembly – whose average age is 70 – can remain in power indefinitely.

The Empire to the North, on the other hand, is chocking on its principles:

Washington is beholden to the view that without free elections, freeing of political prisoners and a free press, the economic embargo stays in place.

I’m not sure whether Nevaer is being sarcastic or whether he’s a green-striper, and I do admire him re-naming modern-day Fascism “Command Capitalism”. His analysis, though, is right on point in its honest interpretation that any engagement of Cuba’s “new” regime will only help it remain in power- at the expense of the Cuban people-especially any help given that would allow it to morph into a Chinese –like economic model.
We all agree that change is needed in Cuba. Change is a great thing. Change is inevitable; it is the nature of all things to change. But propping up the totalitarian dictatorship in Havana will not change a thing. On the contrary, it will perpetuate the unacceptable and inhuman status quo and prevent the real change from naturally occurring.