The Democrat Hypocrisy

How many times have you heard that Bill Clinton was “the first Black president”. The guy even put up his office in Harlem to boost the neighborhood, because you know, Black neighborhoods need White people moving in to boost them.
Or how many times have you as a Republican or a conservative been called a racist? Or heard that the Democrats are the inclusive, diverse, multicultural and tolerant party?
If you are like me probably too many times to count. Just like people’s infatuation with the Clinton’s has baffled the heck out of me for years. It’s like they can do no wrong; they walk on water.
I’m not fond of the Democrat party, though I have Democrat friends. I’m not fond of the way they se dan de cantos en el pecho like they are holier than anyone else. Yet this Democratic primary has shown the party’s true colors; and even more so it has shown the Clinton’s true colors.
First it was the “fairy tale” remark, that some in the Black community found racist. Then it was Hillary’s comment on Johnson that for some on the Black community downplayed MLK Jr. Following that, came Bubba’s comment that “Jesse Jackson also won South Carolina”.
Most recently it was the leaking of the Obama picture in Kenyan garb to highlight his Muslim heritage.
Did you think it would stop there? Heck no. The Daily Kos is now reporting (yes, you read right Kos) that Clintons ads are making Obama look darker and with a wider nose, again to possibly highlight his Muslim/Black heritage. The Clinton camp denies the allegations saying the ad on Kos is not their ad. So Kos uploaded the ad from the Clinton page and guess what?
You guessed it, blacker and a wider nose!
I’m no fan of any of the two candidates, or of Kos for that matter, but I have to admit that I am enjoying the internal bickering and racism of the Democratic primary. I find these tactics appalling and unbecoming of anyone vying for the presidency of this great nation. Attack on issues, not on race. Don’t prey on people’s fear and turn around and call the Republican party a fear mongering party. If this is what she does to her own party, imagine what she could possibly do to this nation.
If you find this report funny, well you are not the only one. LGF had a laugh at Kos’ expense. Scandalous or not, the punchline here is that the Clinton campaign said the image in Kos wasn’t theirs – and yet it was.
Now, who’s calling the kettle black.

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  1. As a Cuban American I’ve been taught from a very young age, voting for a democrat is like voting for a communist…

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