Sapo Verde

The Real Cuba turns three today. I want to congratulate George on this anniversary and thank him for his sacrifices and hardwork these past three years putting together what can only be considered the best and most informative web site on the realities of Cuba.
Gracias, George! You are a hero and a patriot and I look forward to the day where you and I can look back at today, from a truly free and democratic Cuba, and reminisce about these bad ole days.
Felicidades y que viva Cuba libre!

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  1. George is a great! I knew him before the Real Cuba when he was just fighting on the AOL message boards against the massive misinformation of the Castroites. He was always intelligent, informed, funny and relentless. Even when his membership was canceled several times by Castro agents who had become board monitors and who would censor anything anyone wrote that was anti-Castro, he never give up. I’m not surprised that he has gone on to create The Real Cuba. If anyone could do that, it’s George! Congrats George! We’re all proud of you!

  2. In my dealings with George, I’ve come to realize that his dedication is tireless. On numerous occasions, I’ve received instant assistance on communicating with various dissidents and the dissemination of their stories.
    Congratulations George.

  3. George, this should encourage you:
    Last week I struck, almost by chance, a neat conversation with a business woman in the heart of downtown Dallas. She asked where I was born and went on to ask what I thought of raul’s taking over for fifo. And off we went (health care / education / economic disaster, et al). After 10 minutes, she stopped me and asked me WHY it was that she had NEVER heard of the things I was telling her ), why the media wasn’t talking about it, and then she asked me why I didn’t create a way to “educate” people like her. I told her I don’t have to, there are lots of people running websites where she could get all the info, and I directed her to yours. I’m also going to print – at her request – some of those great shots you have depicting the reality of a crumbling Cuba.
    THANK YOU. Keep up the good work.

  4. Congratulations George. Whenever I come across someone who expresses an interest in Cuba, I talk their ears off and then refer them to Babalublog and Therealcuba for further enlightenment!

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