How’s This for Chutzpah?

Seems Granma covered the protest against family travel restrictions the other day in Miami. Restrictions with which I am intimately familiar, I might add. And while the restrictions need some major tweaking, what we don’t need is an exercise in bald-face cynicism on the part of the Havana slave masters.
Let’s start with the diction here. For the first time I can remember, Miami Cubans are not Mafia, gusanos, or escoria, but émigrés. That’s right, you or your parents are not exiles or refugees, but émigrés. It has a much classier ring to it, does it? Shades of those French aristocrats sipping tea in English drawing rooms. Surprisingly the report mentions both support and opposition along the route. Of course, it was mainly support against the “cruel” restrictions which limit the influx of dollars to the regime.
What was I saying about shameless? Try this sentence:
There were no unfortunate incidents, given that the police guaranteed the demonstrators’ right to peacefully express their opinions.
Do we mean the same right denied Cubans? Descarados.

3 thoughts on “How’s This for Chutzpah?”

  1. Descarados -sinverguenzas.
    I wonder if this made the print edition of official toilet paper of the Cuban people?
    It’s amazing that they publish stories about citizens voting in elections and protesting.

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