El Resolver Cibernetico (Updated)

Carrie of Bilingual in the Boonies just made my day.
Meet yet another blog from the island prison: Potro Salvage – Wild Pony.
Dedicated specifically to help other bloggers and web junkies in Cuba to circumvent the Cuban regime’s censorship and control of the internet.
This new revolution may not be televised, but you’ll sure as hell be able to find it on YouTube.
Drop on by and lend them your support.
Update: Like Carrie mentions in the comments, I too almost fell out of my chair when I first read Potro Salvaje. I was overwhelmed with emotion and was literally reading it through tears.
Folks, this is what it’s all about. This is what we’ve all been working towards. This is the fruit of all the hours and hours of reading and writing and posting and publishing. This makes all the anger and frustrations slide right off and into oblivion. While Potro Slavaje may not be a direct result of all the work here on this humble blog and our excellent Cubiche bloggers, if anyone would have asked me five years ago when this humble blog posted its first entries that there would be not only numerous blogs emanating from Cuba but one specifically dedicated to helpng other Cubans on the island find their voices and express their opinions on the net, I would have scoffed at such a seemingly ridiculous statement. But here we are and here is Potro Salvaje.
Perhaps all we blog Davids will, in fact, help slay the castro Goliath.

6 thoughts on “El Resolver Cibernetico (Updated)”

  1. I almost fell out of my chair when I found it this morning! And, Maria was almost late for school because I was too busy reading and posting!
    Cambio, baby, cambio!

  2. I have a question…..Should this site be posted on other sites? I would hate to cause any harm to these people. Answer via email if you think it best.

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