Cuba and Viet Nam-Corrected

We are starting to hear more and more about the Cuba–Viet Nam connection.
One reason is because John McCain has secured enough delegates to win the Republican nomination for the Presidency. McCain claims that Cuban agents tortured American POW’s in Hanoi during the Viet Nam War.
The other is that Cuba’s new-same as the old-dictator is reportedly thinking of making some Viet-Com style economic changes to kick start the moribund Cuban “economy”-the Vietnamese Model-Slavery with some forms of private property. Good luck.
In this Scott Johnson commentary from the Washington Times , we learn a little more about (c)astro’s complicity with Viet-Nam.

… But Vietnam and Cuba like vengeful bullies continue to this very day to persecute their citizens.
While the Bays of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis and reported CIA assassination attempts may ring a bell, few people know that at least 19 American servicemen were tortured and at least one murdered by Cuban interrogators during the Vietnam War. One of the torturers would be rewarded later, becoming the Cuban minister of education and I name him here: “Fernando Vecino Alegret.” Yes, surprisingly there were Cuban interrogators in Vietnam but their devious interventions have been (strangely) less publicized.

John McCain, while a POW, was even interviewed for Granma by a Spanish born “psychologist turned restaurateur” named Fernando Barral and made the pages of the propaganda rag and toilet paper way back in 1970.
(c)astro has, of course, denied that McCain was tortured by Cuban agents. The truth challenged dictator devoted 5 of his “reflections” to attack the Republican candidate.
But as we know, Communism and the truth are mutually exclusive as illustrated by this joke from the Washington Times commentary:

Castro, Che Guevara, Lenin and Stalin were all driving together in a car, when they came to a fork in the road. Lost, with no maps they stopped and Castro asked, “Which way do we go?” Lenin looked at them all and said “signal left … but turn right” And so they did … .


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  1. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that McCain was among the POWs tortured by Cubans in Vietnam. However, American POWs were brutally tortured by Cubans in Vietnam, at least one of whom died as a result of this torture, and McCain has expressed that he knows of these incidents, and that his knowledge that such things happened to his brothers in arms informs his understanding of what kind of people run the Cuban government.

  2. I gotta think that, given what raul and co did to Vietnam POWS, and the fact the McCain was one of those POWs – whether directly affected by the Cuban interrogators or not, the whole kit and kabootle of the regime is shitting fucking pickles just thinking about a McCain presidency

  3. well that’s 5 reflections by companero fidel printed in “la abuelita” and “junior”,(man, I miss El Guinero). That’s a lot of toilet paper. So yeah, I guess johnnymac gets their bowels-well, not fidel’s- moving.

  4. Bush vetos “waterboarding ban”.
    The USA tortures … so what’s wrong with the rest of the world doing the same?

  5. Bush vetos “waterboarding ban”. The USA tortures … so what’s wrong with the rest of the world doing the same?

    1) I’m glad he vetoed it.

    2) The rest of the world always has, always does, and always will torture, no matter what the USA does. You make it sound like they’re taking all their cues from us. It ain’t so. If it was, every nation would be a thriving democracy and we would actually have world peace.

    3) You have a rather elastic definition of torture. No physical harm is done by waterboarding. It creates the sensation of drowning and its accompanying terror, but no one dies or is wounded. That’s a bit different from beheading someone with a steak knife or throwing them into a paper shredder, or repeated electrical burns to the groin and armpits, or removing their fingernails one by one, or torturing their children in front of them.

    4) The Special Ops community (Seals, Green Berets, Delta Force, etc.) gets waterboarded as part of their training for if they are captured. I think if it’s good enough for our own elite soldiers, it’s good enough for the people who will try to kill them.

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