Viewer discretion is advised; the following information, especially In view of the crucial voting districts represented, contains implications that may be shocking and gruesome — to Democrats.
Here’s a chart of showing party affiliation of Cuban-Americans in South Florida over time according to the famous FIU poll that’s been taken several times over the last 17 years. It shows a remarkably flat trend in party affiliation with numbers nowhere near what Joedilocks spouted to the Al Jazeera interviewer.
Cuba Poll.jpg
But if you don’t like that survey then maybe you’ll like this one from September of 2006 conducted by Democrat pollster Sergio Bendixen and sponsored by the New Democrat Network (a group that Joe Garcia worked for at the time) which says that only 11% of Cuban-Americans in South Florida are Democrats with 72% being Republicans. The survey shows that there are actually more Independents among Cuban-Americans in South Florida (17%) than Democrats. Garcia’s own poll shows an even more dismal picture for Democrats than the FIU poll.

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  1. Henry,
    Facts are stubborn things aren’t they. Actually we could use a strong Cuban American Republican Politician here in NJ. Until then, Sen. Menendez will have to do. -S-

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