Because They Could

The reason for not selling them earlier was not the consumption of electricity, nor fear of social difference, but rather-until just yesterday- they could control their spread. From an Ipod which fits in a pocket, a minidisk which holds a number of films, and a hundred documents travel in the thin abdomen of a Memory Flash. What is the sense in prohibiting them? Why exhaust yourself in a fight that already has a winner: technology.
Yoani Sanchez in her latest post on the lifting of restrictions on the sale of computers and appliances in Cuba.
(translation mine.)

2 thoughts on “Because They Could”

  1. I for one would be questioning of any IT gear sold by Ramiro Valdez the Info Honcho in that place, but then I only send meds over there so my money wont be used to buy computers with tracking chips and software implanted by the Chinese.

  2. Perhaps, in a free Havana someone might put up a plaque for Dr. Eli Harari of SanDisk, unwitting liberator of the island. -S-

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