2 thoughts on “Obama wrote a blank check”

  1. Obama IS a blank check.
    Just write whatever, whenever, on any of his rhetoric, and it will apply to you …. or to me … or even the next guy …. doesn’t matter.
    Why, it says nothing, so you can write your own take at any time, anywhere — a true gift that keeps on giving …. “just words.”

  2. The Jeremiah Wright thing seems to have gotten him in more hot water than I thought it would. Though it is more common than most people — black or white — think to hear milder versions of that kind of sermon in majority black churches (have heard a few myself from visiting pastors at my own church, which is majority black), I think an awful lot of black and white and everybody else are so horrified by Wright’s words that it’s going to be awfully hard for Obama to sweep his 20-year spiritual affair with this racist preacher under the rug.

    This is a positive development, not so much because it hurts Obama’s chances of being president (although that is a plus) as it is a wake-up call for America to have a REAL dialogue about race, where not just whites but every racial/ethnic group is called into account to deal with its racist/separatist nutbag fringe groups.

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