Another ban to be “partially” lifted

Reuters’ commie Cuba correspondent Marc Frank brings us news of another ban to be “partially” lifted. This time it’s the ban on farmers supplies. Why the regime ever thought it would be good to ban farmer’s supplies is beyond me.
I’m starting to think that fidel is dead or pleasantly medicated. Another report from over the weekend says that Granma will now 16 pages instead of the usual 8. That’s 50% 100% more toilet paper for the Cuban people, a reform that will no doubt be greeted with enthusiasm.
Seriously, what I don’t understand is how the “reflections of the coma andante” fit into all of this. Many of the reflections seem to contradict the policies being followed by raul and his inner circle. Is there a power struggle going on behind the scenes? Are they simply indulging the doddering old fool?
Interesting times, to be sure.

3 thoughts on “Another ban to be “partially” lifted”

  1. Henry,
    I have been thinking just that. I can’t figure out if fidel is allowing raul do say these things to prop up raul or what. But at the same time no matter what the reason fidel looks bad as his “infallability” is being attacked.

  2. Henry lo de 16 paginas es solo en la edicion de los Viernes. No estoy seguro que sea todos los dias. quizas en un futuro cercano si. quizas estan preparando la escena para permitir anuncios desplegados , y clasificados. nada parece que hay aires de algo diferente , no lo quiero llamar Cambio sino solo que se respira otro aire otro ambiente, aunque aun muy contaminado con la caca castrista

  3. “For the first time, all supplies are not being assigned by the central government. It’s a market crack in the monopoly and centralization that it is sure to spread,”
    This is a quote from the article, spoken by “a specialist.” Lets hope he is right.

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