Good luck with that!

Candidato USA is reporting that:

Democratic political strategist Joe Trippi will be working on the congressional campaign of South Florida Democrat Joe Garcia who is running against GOP incumbent Mario Díaz-Balart. Trippi is a veteran of the Howard Dean and John Edwards presidential campaigns.

Additionally Trippi’s bio says he worked on the presidential campaigns of Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Gary Hart and Richard Gephardt.
I guess George McGovern’s campaign manager was unavailable. Trippi will be sure to work his magic with Joedilocks and make him as unappealing to voters as possible. Mario Diaz-Balart and his advisers should be smiling right now.

11 thoughts on “Good luck with that!”

  1. Henry si Joe Garcia gana voy a imprimir un cuaderno con todos los comentarios despectivos tuyos hacia su persona y te lo voy a regalar para Navidades

  2. If he wins, he wins. It won’t be the first my side loses at something. But it won’t change the fact that he is an ASS!

  3. The best thing about this election is the match-ups. Lincoln Diaz-Balart is a guy who is polarizing and the only guy more polarizing that could have run against him is Raul Martinez.
    Then you have Mario running against Joe. Joe is another one who a big segment of the Cuban-American community have contempt for.
    And then that dingbat that’s running against Ileana. Please. I hope she sinks a lot of her personal money into the campaign.

  4. Apparently, Joe is goingto run an internet heavy campaign, as that’s Trippi’s specialty.
    man, am I looking forward to this bout.

  5. If Garcia becomes any less appealing, he’ll have to be deported as too unbearable to be a public figure.

  6. Tocayo dijo:
    It won’t be the first my side loses at something
    Y cuidado, a lo mejor tambien pierdes la contienda Presidencial. Tambien recopilare los insultos a Obama y te lo regalare para christmas
    Menos mal que aun tenemos algo en Comun: Cuba y nuestra lucha sacar a los mafiosos que alli gobiernan

  7. How come no one has brought up How Martinez then a candidate for Mayor of Hialeah and Herman Hechevarria back in the late 70s, went to Cuba with El Reverendo Espinoza and was received by limo and met with the DGI.
    No one is ever brought that up.???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. I can’t lose in the presidential race because I don’t have a candidate.
    I always though that following the party, the ideas, was much more important than the person

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