Name that building

Congrats to Omar and Louis.
Omar thought is was a bottling plant and Louis guessed Coca-Cola. Although Cuba was the first country outside the U.S. to bottle Coke, I can’t believe this was the original plant. This plant was in Havana and the photograph was taken during the 1950s.

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  1. That is Cuba BC: A mamposteria building made to withstand hurricanes, unlike the ones in Florida.

  2. It would be intersting to know what it is and looks like today…..on second thought, I don’t want to know- it’s probably something depressing.

  3. Since we’re on the subject of Coca Cola:
    Roberto C. Goizueta a Cuban-American (and Belen graduate) was Chairman, Director, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Coca-Cola Company from August 1980 until his death in October 1997.
    “Under the direction of Goizueta, investors saw The Coca-Cola Company become a top US corporation. He is attributed to invigorating The Company with a global vision. In the process, he created more wealth for shareholders than any other CEO in history.”

  4. Coca Cola also had a bottling building in Oriente In Victoria Las Tunas around 1954.
    My Grandparents used to live accross the street.

  5. In Santiago de Cuba in 1953 there was a Coca-Cola building across the street from the main entrance to the Moncada garrison.
    The Coca-Cola jingle in Cuba was: “La pausa que refresca.”

  6. B.C. our 1st. grade class used to be taken once or twice a year to the Coca Cola building in Santa Clara, Las Villas, to watch the bottling process. What mostly impressed me was how incredibly clean everything was. They gave us free Cokes, coloring books and beatiful red pencils with the Coca Cola logo. Ese día no había clases. ¡Qué tiempos aquéllos!

  7. giraldo:
    During my time, those field trips were taken (at least till 1958) during the “semana del niño” (children’s week). During the whole week schools took children on field trips to such places. The Coca Cola bottling plant was one of them. Children would be given a tour of the plant and afterwards would be given free coke, coloring books, pencils and a ruler. All with the Coca Cola (or whatever soda plant was visited) logo on it.
    Field trips were also taken to historical sites and museums. Afterwards we would all have a picnic. We would go in the school bus singing songs along the way. I have very nice memories of those days.

  8. Ay, Dios mío, Firefly, se me olvidó la regla!! Verdad que sí!! And I had also forgotten the wonderful “Semana del Niño” — it was exactly as you said. Even though I never liked school (I was an excellent student, but always adamant to regimentation) those are indeed fantastic memories. ¿Y te acuerdas del “Beso de la Patria”? I won it in 2nd., 3rd. and 4th. grade in a row!!!

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