Powerful words

Yoani’s most recent post over at Generación Y regarding the fifth anniversary of Black Spring is extremely moving. Every Christmas since 2003, her family has left a chair empty at the dinner table for Adolfo Fernández Saínz, one of the 55 still in jail. Her son continues to ask her when Adolfo is coming back as Adolfo’s wife, Julita, continues to travel hundreds of kilometers to visit him in jail. Apparently, when Yoani told her son about the Black Spring, he said:

“So you all are free because you’re a little bit cowardly.”

Kids can be so insightful at times, huh? Yoani is hoping for the day that no Cuban deserves to hear those words. And while many in the world still don’t understand what’s going on in Cuba, there are many others working hard to enlighten them and promote change. This surprising (because it lends little credence to castro’s propaganda) AP article from Anita Snow quotes Matt Easton (emphasis mine):

“It is time for Cuba to release these prisoners immediately and without conditions,” said Matt Easton, of the New York-based Human Rights First, in a news release. “The world is waiting to see whether Cuba is really ready for change, or only going through the motions.

“Cuba’s decision to commit publicly to human rights principles is welcome, but the continued imprisonment of these activists says much more about Cuba’s intentions than the signing of any documents,” said Easton.

Only weird thing about the article is the picture they chose to display on it. What relevance does it have to the article? Why didn’t they photograph Las Damas de Blanco instead? Oh, that’s right, it’s Anita Snow. She’s still free to lead the AP’s Havana Bureau because she’s a little cowardly.